Starlin Castro Accused Of Sexual Assault


The Chicago Cubs rebuilding project may have hit a major hurdle on Friday. Though, hurdle is not a result of any baseball transaction that president of baseball operations Theo Epstein or general manager Jed Hoyer made. Rather the hurdle is a result of a player’s potential indiscretion off the field. The belief is that Epstein and Hoyer were rebuilding the team around shortstop Starlin Castro. Castro is the corner-stone of the Cubs’ long-term future. Despite all the turnover that is expected to happen around the shortstop position, many believe that Castro will be the Cubs’ starting shortstop for many years to come. But Castro’s short-term future with the Cubs–or playing baseball–may be in jeopardy.

Chicago news radio station, WBBM 780 Chicago, is reporting that a Chicago woman in her 20s has accused the Cubs’ shortstop of sexual assault. According to the report, the assault occurred on September 29. The report states that Castro, the woman, and her friend headed to Castro’s apartment around three in the morning after a night of drinking. The victim reportedly blacked out. When she awoke, the victim screamed at her alleged attacker–Castro–and left his apartment with her friend at 5:30 AM. That is when the victim and her friend went to the hospital, where a police report was consequently filed. At the time of the report being filed, Castro was on a scheduled trip back to the Dominican Republic for the off-season.

The police have yet to question Castro, but authorities are seeking to speak to the Cubs’ shortstop. Neither the Cubs, Castro, or Castro’s agent Paul Kinzer have yet to comment on the story.

The hope is that this is all a misunderstanding and Castro is just a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Note, I am not trying to make Castro out to be the victim. The truth is that the chances of this report being a misunderstanding is highly unlikely. WBBM is highly respected news radio station, and the belief on my behalf is that the station would not run with a story unless they had multiple sources confirming the report. It is important, however, to remember that every suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

Sexual assault is considered a felony offense, and Castro could be facing 6 to 30 years in prison if convicted with the opportunity for parole after 12 years. With such little information released; and out of respect for Castro and the victim; Cubbies Crib will withhold further comment on the story until more details are released.