Cubs GM Search Filled With Many Twists And Turns


The Chicago Cubs general manager rumor-mill has slowed down considerably this week. In the day after the official firing of Jim Hendry, new candidates for the position were appearing daily. However, now it would seem that reporters are looking for anything to give the advantage in reporting on the Cubs’ search for a new general manager. There will likely be little news on the Cubs general manager search for the next week or so. Team chairman Tom Ricketts has spent most of his time researching prospective candidates, and it would appear that the interview process is still at least two weeks away.

But there have been no shortage of favorites for the Cubs general manager position. In fact, it seems as if the favorite for the position changes each week. The early favorite was current New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. Many believed that Cashman would walk away from the Yankees organization this winter, but, there now appears to be an understanding between the long-time Yankees general manager and the Steinbrenners that a new deal will be given to Cashman after the season.

Then for a brief amount of time, Andrew Friedman was the leading candidate to replace Hendry. Considering the success that Friedman has while general manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, many fans are hoping that Friedman bolts Tampa Bay and heads to Chicago. But if Friedman does leave Tampa Bay, it will more likely be in favor of joining his home-town Houston Astros organization. Though, at this point, no one expects Friedman to leave the Rays organization.

After Friedman, Billy Beane got his turn as being the favorite to become the Cubs next general manager. Though, most of the talk about Beane being a candidate for the Cubs’ position is pure speculation. It is not known if Rickett has reached out to Beane, though, the belief is that Beane would be willing to listen. Though, there is some doubt as to whether or not Beane would actually leave the Athletics’ organization. Beane has piece of ownership in the Athletics’ franchise, and would not have nearly as much power as currently has as the Athletics’ general manager.

The one candidate that has been a constant favorite throughout the early stages of the Cubs search for a new general manager has been assistanth general manager of the Chicago White Sox, Rick Hahn. It is only a matter of time before Hahn becomes general manager of a major league baseball team. There is a good chance that Hahn’s first opportunity will come in Chicago. Though it could very well be with the White Sox and not the Cubs. There has been speculation that White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf could promote current White Sox general manager Kenny Williams to a president-type postion, and then give Hahn the general manager position.  Doing so would prevent Hahn from leaving the White Sox organization for perhaps the Cubs organization. However, Hahn remains high on Ricketts’ wishlist and could very well be candidate that the Cubs owner chooses.

Whike Hahn remains a front-runner for the Cubs’ position, he may now have company. Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus was asked “who the next general manager of the Chicago Cubs will be?”, and through twitter, Goldstein mentioned that both Hahn, and Boston Red Sox assistant general manager Ben Cherington are the front-runners to land the position. Though, Goldstein did admit that the competition was still very much open.

Cherington has been speculated as a possible candidate, but, Goldstein’s tweet was the first time that he had been mentioned as a front-runner for the position. Though, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Cherington is one of the favorites to become the next general manager of the Cubs. Cherington would fit almost all the criteria that Ricketts set forth in searching for the Cubs’ next general manager. Cherington has played a pivotal role on the Red Sox player development and farm system with Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, and Jon Lester being some of his successes. Not to mention that he comes from the Theo Epstein tree of general managers, as well as the Red Sox organization that Ricketts wants to emulate.

The Cubs general manager search has already taken many twists and turns, and it is likely that a clearer picture will not be drawn until after the season concludes. Though chance