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Aramis Ramirez Strongly Suggests He Would Approve A Trade


The reason Aramis Ramirez‘s name has not popped up in any rumors this week was because it was believed that Ramirez sat down with the Cubs’ upper management earlier this week and told them he would not approve a trade. Ramirez’s unwillingness to approve a trade has been known since he was first asked about it in May of this season. But after being swept by the Milwaukee Brewers, and only a few days remaining before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, Ramirez suggested that he may approve a trade after all.

In addition to suggesting that he may waive his no trade clause, Ramirez told reporters that he has had no discussions with anyone in the Cubs’ front office regarding his no trade clause.

"“Nobody has come forward to me from the team to say, ‘We want to trade you,’ or this or that,” Ramirez said. “It’s only [discussed] in the media.“Nobody has talked to me about if I’m wiling to waive my no-trade clause,” he said. “It’s only in the media speculation that ‘This team wants Ramirez’ or the other team. Coming from the guys upstairs, the people who make the decision, I haven’t heard from anybody.”So, would he be willing to be traded?“Nobody wants me, man,” Ramirez said. “They want good players. Nobody wants me. They come to me with a trade, we’ll see, but nobody has talked to me about it.” Muskat Ramblings"

Please excuse Ramirez’s humbling remarks towards the end of the statement. Contrary to his belief, Ramirez is a good player; and there are plenty of teams that are interested in acquiring the Cubs’ third baseman. Most notably, the Los Angeles Angels have been the team to register the most interest in Ramirez and news of Ramirez possibly being willing to waive his no trade clause has to be music to their ears. In fact, the Angels probably picked up the phone to call the Cubs right after they heard Ramirez’s comments. The New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Arizona Diamondbacks are all possible teams that could have interest in Ramirez.

Considering that Ramirez would be the top bat on the trade market if he is available, a trade would also give the Cubs a chance to land some quality prospects that have an impact on their future. One comparison that has been made was consider the fact that the Mets were able to get a top 35 prospect for Carlos Beltran, the Cubs should be able to get an equal if not better package than what the Giants gave up to acquire Beltran.

Expect the Ramirez rumors to pick up over the coming days in light of statements made by the veteran third baseman today.