Bleacher Nation is relaying rumors ..."/> Bleacher Nation is relaying rumors ..."/>

Draft Rumors: Cubs Raising The Bar


As the signing deadline gets closer, the Cubs 2011 draft looks better and better. Bleacher Nation is relaying rumors that the Cubs have reached terms with Dillon Maples and Ricky Jacques. Add that to the reports we already had that Vogelbach and Dunston would sign, and the Cubs are now sitting on one of the strongest drafts we could have hoped for.

All of these deals will be over slot, so don’t expect hear about any of them until we are on top of that August 15 deadline. Also, don’t worry that we haven’t heard anything about Javier Baez signing. That deal won’t be announced until the last minute either, but there are no signs of trouble.

When (and if) they sign, the Cubs farm system will have become a whole lot better. Baez will probably drop right behind Brett Jackson and Matt Szczur as their #3 overall prospect. Maples could make the Top 10, as could Vogelbach. Some argue that Dunston would be up there as well. From what I’ve read, I like Jacquez as much as any pitcher in the Cubs system, including McNutt, and I’d not be surprised to see him on the Top 30 somewhere.

Combine this with the international signings the Cubs have made lately, and any Cub fan with a pulse has to be feeling good about the future. I do not recall the Cubs ever showing this level of commitment (including money) to the farm system. We’re moving into territory long occupied by the Yankees and Rays, and that is good company to be in.