Say What? Tom Ricketts’ Edition


Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts always seems to put an optimistic spin on his team whenever he is in the public eye. But, he apparently has a much different feeling about the Cubs when he is out of the public eye–or so he thinks he is. DeadSpin, the same web-site that caught Brett Favre with his pants down, has now set their sights on the Cubs chairman. In the age where social media is the new #1 source for breaking news, Ricketts failed to realize that any one at any time can catch him at bad moment.

According to the report from DeadSpin, Ricketts was riding the Metra today and well…lets have the picture say the rest…

So why the long face for Ricketts? Here are 10 possible reasons.

10. Tom realizes that the Chicago Cubs also came with his purchase of Wrigley Field.

9. He has entered a deep state of depression since his pal, Rod Blagojevich, is going to jail for a long-time.

8. His secret mission to terminate all Billy Goats failed, and the curse will live on.

7. He is no longer able to act like a fan at Cubs’ games, he has to make big-boy decisions now.

6. He was told “no refunds” after asking if he could return his purchase of the Cubs.

5. The “injuries” he tabbed as the excuse for the Cubs poor play this season has forced him to see a therapist.

4. He is going into bankruptcy after being willing to take on the majority of the approximate $60MM  left on Alfonso Soriano’s contract if the Cubs are able to trade him.

3. Jim Hendry took “inappropriate pictures” of Tom at a Christmas party, and is using them as black mail to keep his position as the team’s general manager.

2. He had one of the Hot Dogs that is brother, Joe, threw out during his time on the CBS Show “Undercover Boss.”

1. He is hung-over from partying in celebration of the Cubs’ 3-game winning streak and the start of their World Series run.