Ryne Sandberg Is Open To Managing The Cubs


Currents Cubs manager Mike Quade and Cub legend Ryne Sandberg will always be mentioned under the same breath in regards to the Cubs organization, mainly for what took place last off-season. Quade and Sandberg were the top two candidates for the Cubs managerial position and the decision came down to who general manager Jim Hendry felt was the better option for what the Cubs were looking to do in the future. Despite spending four years in the Cubs’ farm system managing the prospects you will begin to see at the major league level and being named the manager of the year in the Cubs’ organization, Hendry opted not to hire Sandberg and went with Quade. That could be the decision that leads to Hendry being replaced at the general manager position. If there is a new general manager, you can bet there will also be a new manager. Sandberg has already come up as a possible candidate, and is still open to managing the Cubs.

Sandberg joined the “Waddle & Silvy” show today on ESPN Radio to discuss what the future has in store for him as well a possible return to the Cubs organization.

"Ryne Sandberg was passed over as Chicago Cubs manager last fall, but the Hall of Fame second baseman said he won’t rule out a return to his former team if the position opens up in the future.“I just want to [manage] at the major league level so wherever that comes I would listen,” Sandberg said Wednesday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000 ESPN Chicago"

Ever since Sandberg began managing in the Cubs farm system, he has had the aspirations of being a major league manager. Last season was the closest that Sandberg has been to landing a major league gig, but as we know, the hall of fame second baseman never had a shot to beat out Quade for Cubs’ managerial post. The decisions to go with Quade is what led Sandberg to leave the Cubs organization and join the Phillies organization as their triple-A manager. Though the time will come, where Sandberg will be a major league manager. There is a chance that his first opportunity may be with the Cubs. Even though chairman Tom Ricketts supported Hendry’s decision, the Cubs chairman was believed to favor Sandberg over Quade. Assuming Ricketts still has those same feelings, Sandberg may be a candidate for the Cubs if Quade is fired after the season.

Even if Sandberg is the next Cubs manager after Quade, there still is a risk of the Cubs manager being overmatched next season. Lets play the hypothetical situation and say Sandberg will be the Cubs manager next season, he still would be a first year manager. Meaning the same mistakes that we have seen from first year manager Quade this season may repeat next season with Sandberg. Granted, Sandberg would be a more “in your face” manager as opposed to the “player-friendly” Quade. That would be where the difference is between the two.

Do I believe Sandberg would ever come back to the Cubs? No, the drama that occurred last season may have ended any chance of Sandberg ever being the Cubs manager. Though if Hendry–Sandberg’s main source of frustration–is gone, I’m sure the Cubs icon will reconsider returning to the North Sid