Wednesday Starters, Including Quade An All-Star


Expect a roster move today as Darwin Barney will be activated off of the disabled list. Though, even if Barney was available yesterday, it would not have prevented Doug Davis from giving up home run after home run. After the jump there will be an update on Barney, recapping a roster move made yesterday, Mike Quade an all-star, and more.

Barney was in uniform for the night game at Wrigley Field, but the Cubs opted to activate their second baseman today instead of yesterday. With the exception of manager Mike Quade, no one expects that Barney will have an impact on the Cubs’ chances to turn their 2011 season around.

In the same report, no time-table is given for when Kerry Wood is expected to return from the disabled. Wood is on the disabled list because of a blister on his right hand. Wood has been suffering from this blister for most of the past two months. The good news is that Wood will throw a simulated game today, so, hopefully a return is not too far off.

The Cubs made a roster move yesterday to add a fresh arm to the bullpen. The Cubs optioned D.J. LeMahieu down to Triple A-Iowa, and replaced him on the 25 man roster with reliever Marcos Mateo. Though, LeMahieu is still a big part of the Cubs future. LeMahieu may have been at the major league level  longer than he should have, but, it allowed the Cubs and their fans to get a glimpse of one of their future players.

Manager Mike Quade is an All-Star. In wake of Jim Riggleman’s abrupt resignation in Washington, Bruce Bochy–the manager of the NL All-Stars–selected Quade to replace Riggleman on his coaching staff. One suggestion for Bochy would be to not let Quade decide to pitch to other team’s best hitter if the game is on the line.

Carlos Pena is starting to be a popular name in trade rumors, the latest coming from Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune. Unlike most of his reports, Rogers is very factual when he says that Pena has considerable value and would appeal to teams like the Diamondbacks and Angles, looking for a boost in power production.

Tyler Colvin believes that he is beginning to hit stride. Colvin has 11 hits in his last 29 at-bats including three home runs. As of now, there is no timetable given for when Colvin will return to the major leagues. Considering the struggles that Colvin endured the last time he was called-up, the Cubs are going to be extra patient with when to bring Colvin back to the major league level. Though, if the Cubs are able to trade Kosuke Fukudome and Alfonso Soriano, Colvin should be given the chance to be an everyday player at the major league level.