Roster Roulette: Cubs Make Changes To 25 Man Roster


The Chicago Cubs are making it really hard this week for fans to remain positive about the rest of the season. I have a feeling that this will be another exciting post-game for the Cubs beat reporters, as the Cubs have played as embarrassing tonight as they did last night. But before we drive anyone to the point of no return, lets analyze the roster moves that transpired today.

  • Cause it’s Tony…Tony Campana

The Cubs announced today that Tony Campana has been called up to the major leagues to take the place of Tyler Colvin on the 25 man roster. Campana had an impressive debut as he recorded his first major league: hit (double), run, and RBI.

However, not sure that I would have called up Campana. While there has been far less recognition for Campana compared to some of the other top prospects in the system, he still is a prospect to say the least. That’s why it does not make too much for sense for the Cubs to call him up, instead of the veteran Lou Montanez. Young players need at bats–as Jim Hendry realized with Tyler Colvin–but, it does not look like Campana will be able to get at bats on a consistent basis at the major league level.

  • Scott Maine Up, Marcos Mateo down

Campana was not the only new addition to the Cubs roster today, as reliever Scott Maine was also called up from Iowa. To make room for Maine, the Cubs optioned Marcos Mateo down.

This was essentially a reverse of the Cubs decision in Spring Training. As Maine pitched his way out of a 25 man roster spot, and Mateo pitched his way on the 25 man roster. However, after a good start to the season, Mateo has failed to put together consistent outings from the bullpen. Resulting in a 5.74 ERA through 15.2 innings.

With the Iowa Cubs, Maine posted a 2.84 ERA through 19 innings.