Brewers Forcing Cubs’ Hand?


An interesting story popped up in the Chicago Tribune yesterday. To much of my surprise, the column was done by Phil Rogers. As most of you already know, I am not too fond of the reporting styles that one Phil Rogers carries with himself. But the nonetheless, Rogers brings up some good points and an even better storyline. Assuming you have watched or read at least some type of sporting material in the recent days, you would know that the Milwaukee Brewers recently gave Ryan Braun a 10 year, $145.5 million contract extension( they added 5 years, $105 million to his current deal). However, the recent Braun extension may possess some hidden motives for the Cubs when it comes to next winter.

According to Rogers, the Braun extension may push Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts to the point where he is willing to ante up and pay the demands of one Albert Pujols next off-season. As we all know by now, assuming that the Cubs chose to opt out of their contract with Aramis Ramirez, the team will have more than $45 million in available funds this winter to spend on the major league baseball team. With that much money available, that brings Rogers to suggest that the Cubs would seemingly have to make a run at Pujols given the latest set of circumstances with Ryan Braun being signed through 2020. Rogers believes that Ricketts does not want to give off the impression that he is not interested in winning, which is what he could be doing if he opts not to chase Pujols.

I have said it once already, and I will say it again; Albert Pujols will not be coming to the Chicago Cubs next season. Pujols’ demands coupled with assumption that he does not want to leave St. Louis, should be enough for anyone to realize that he will remain a Cardinal.

But that does not mean that Rogers’ story holds no merit. The only problem was that Rogers highlighted the wrong free agent first baseman. Instead of Pujols, it is likely that the Braun extension confirms that Prince Fielder will not be back in Milwaukee after this season. Meaning that while the Cubs will not land Pujols next winter, Ryan Braun’s extension could be the beginning piece to the puzzle that leads to Fielder coming the Cubs.

There is more proof that the Cubs may be more interested in Fielder than they are in Pujols. Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday (via MLB Trade Rumors) that the Cubs could play Prince Fielder against Albert Pujols. Meaning that if Pujols is not willing to come off his demands, then the Cubs will simply say that they will go with the younger Prince Fielder. Obviously all of Major League Baseball will be interested in both of these players, but the Cubs are listed as the favorites for both. However, for the most part the favorites don’t end up with the player that they are coveting. Meaning that the Cubs are going to have act fast if they want either Fielder or Pujols.