Carlos Silva Remains In The Rotation Picture


At least for now, it appears that our wishes won’t be coming true. General manager Jim Hendry, manager Mike Quade, and bench coach Pat Listach all met today to discuss the final roster decisions to be made during the last week of Spring Training. Even though we were expecting to have an answer on who the Cubs’ fifth starter will be, it appears that we will have to continue to wait as Mike Quade continues to debate between Andrew Cashner, Braden Looper, and Carlos Silva for the last spot in the rotation.

That is right, Carlos Silva is still in the mix to make the rotation. Despite the fact that Silva has struggled to be effective in all of his starts this Spring, he still remains as a candidate for a rotation spot.

I’m not sure how everybody else feels about this, but doesn’t it seem like Carlos Silva is being given every opportunity to win a spot in the rotation? Manager Mike Quade has resisted to take Carlos Silva out of the rotation competition, despite the fact the Silva has been out-pitched by all the other candidates. While I must admit that I do not have nearly as much experience as Mike Quade does in the game of baseball, though, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that Carlos Silva is a cancer to this team. Whether because of things he says or how he acts on the field, Silva is essentially an outcast in the Cubs’ clubhouse. With the exception–of course–of Carlos Zambrano, who is Silva’s closest friend on the team. Why I am not surprised by that?

Another reason why Silva may be given every opportunity to make the rotation is because he is making $11.5 million for the 2011 season. I would hate for that to be the case, but that is the only other reason why I think Silva remains in competition spot. In fact, manager Mike Quade may have already hinted that is the case, as he continues deny the notion that Silva will go to the bullpen as a long reliever. The reason Quade does not see Silva in the bullpen, is because someone — Jim Hendry or Tom Ricketts– probably told him that a $11.5MM priced starting pitcher can not be in the bullpen.

Like I said I really hope that is not the case, because if it is, that means that Quade will show the same kind of “accountability” that Lou Piniella did when it came to playing pricey veterans over the young players.