Finding Baseball’s Ultimate Team


In today’s sports society, many fans are heavily involved in fantasy sports. For those that still live in the stone ages and do not know about fantasy sports, I will try and explain it to. The concept is rather simple, as you are the general manager of a team that you create. You begin with a draft, where you will have the opportunity to draft any player from any team and make him one of your own. Then once your full team is selected, you would then face other teams with the winner being determined by what players have the best success in real life. In sorts it is a real life video game.

The reason I bring up fantasy sports is because we here at FanSided our on a mission to find the best All Division team in baseball. Meaning each of the divisions will have an All Division team, made up of the best players in said division. Then on Call To The Pen readers will be voting on a series of match-ups to determine the best All Division team in each league. Setting the stage for one last vote that will determine which league has the best All Division team.

I was elected as the captain of All NL Central Team. So I will orchestrate the discussions with the lead writers and contributors from Blog Red Machine, Climbing Tal’s Hill, Reviewing the Brew, Rum Bunter, and RedBird Rants and together we will determine the All Division team for the NL Central.

Now, this of course is heavily dependent on you-the readers- voicing your opinion through voting for the All Division team that you think is the best. Which is why I see it equally as important that you guys have a say in who is on the All Division team in the NL Central. Which is why if you leave comments on this post, or send me an email to on who you think should be on the team, I will be sure to channel those thoughts into our discussions in determining the All Division team.

Personally, I think the NL Central is on an uphill battle, but that is why we have the polls. As we head into this contest my belief is that the American League East and National League East are the favorites.

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment on who you want on the All Division team, and be on the lookout for the announcement of the All Division team.