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Winter Storm Takes On Wrigley Field


Depending on where you live, you could be in the middle of the “storm of the generation” as some newscasters are spinning it. Here in the Chicago Land area we are facing treacherous winds with an endless amount of snowfall. Most projections have the Chicago land area getting around 2 feet of snow when all is said and done. Even though the Cubs season does not start till April, they are still being affected by this storm.

As the storm has caused one of the roof panels on Wrigley Field to fall off. Here is a picture of the scene, courtesy of @willbyington on twitter.

Thankfully, no one was reported to be injured from the roof panel collapsing. The Cubs are said to be monitoring the situation, and probably will comment once more is known about the incident. Maybe Chairman Tom Ricketts will continue his efforts to make the city pay for renovations after this incident ( joking of course).

Don’t imagine there will be any long term complications from this incident, the Field should still be in perfect conditions once Opening Day comes around on April 1.