Poll Of The Week: Steve Bartman


This week, many Bears fans are giving starting Quarterback Jay Cutler the same unjust criticism as Chicago Cubs fans gave Steve Bartman after Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship series. But with all this talk about Cutler and whether or not he would be accepted by fans, it got me thinking if meatball Cubs fans would ever accept the idea that Steve Bartman is not to blame for Cubs demise in the 2003 Championship series?

My views on the matter have not changed, and they are  that it was ridiculous then to criticize Bartman, and it is just as ridiculous now to continue to blame Bartman. To all those meatball fans that would say (in your best meatball voice) “oh I would have never done that, you have to avoid reaching for that ball in order for Alou to catch it.” Really?……Really?……Really?

Maybe you should take a look at the picture to see if Bartman acted alone.

So let me ask, Do you think Bartman acted alone? Obviously by looking at the picture of the exact moment, Bartman was one of 7 or8 fans that were reaching for the ball. Anyone care to tell me the names of any of those other fans? Cause shouldn’t they be unjustly crucified as Bartman was for doing what every fan would do by reaching for the foul ball.

Considering that Cubs Shortstop Alex Gonzalez botched a double play ball on the next pitch, and there still was another game to be played, Steve Bartman is the last person anyone should blame for the Cubs collapse during the 2003 Championship series.

So, with that said I’m pretty sure most of you feel the same way I do, but we will let the polls be the true indicator. Do you still blame Steve Bartman for the Cubs collapse in 2003?