Cubs Still Looking For A Starting Pitcher


With the Chicago Cubs losing out on rehabbing starting pitcher Brandon Webb, the Cubs are now looking at Starters that are available on the trade market. According to ESPN Chicago’s Bruce Levine, the Cubs currently have interest in two starting pitchers that are on the trading block. Their primary target is Rays starting pitcher Matt Garza, who they have been linked to since the Winter Meetings. If the Rays decide not to move Garza, then the Cubs will try and trade for Indians starter Fausto Carmona.

The Chicago Cubs and Tampa Bay Rays have essentially been in trade discussions regarding Garza for the past month now. The Cubs first talked to the Rays about a  possible trade at the Winter Meetings, and talks got to a point where it was believed that a trade was imminent. Then, for whatever reason, the potential deal fell through. At this point, it is unknown whether the Rays want to save money by trading Garza, or hold onto him for the start of the regular season. But this is not stopping teams like the Cubs, Rangers, Nationals, and Yankees from all being interested in trading for Garza.

If the Rays were to trade Garza they would likely receive 3 or 4 quality prospects in return for him. Of the Cubs farm system, the Rays like Andrew Cashner, Brett Jackson, Chris Archer, Trey McNutt, and Hak-Ju Lee. While the Cubs will not trade Cashner, Jackson, Archer, or McNutt they may be willing to trade Hak-Ju Lee. But that is not a certainty either, considering the Cubs view Lee as their future star shortstop, they feel he would force Starlin Castro over to third base. But, if the Cubs and Rays do complete a trade, Levine notes that both Lee and catching prospect Robinson Chirinos will be part of the package going to Tampa Bay.

As for Carmona, the the Cubs did talk to the Indians about a trade on at least one occasion. But, the Indians are asking for two top prospects in any trade for Carmona, and the Cubs are not interested in their current asking price. It is hard to believe that the Indians are asking more for Carmona than the Rays are asking for Garza. Considering that Carmona has an inconsistent track record, there is no reason for any team to give two of their top prospects in order to get him.

To be honest, the Cubs should not overpay – by the number of prospects they give up – for a starting pitcher. The Cubs rotation was one of their strong points last season, so they should not feel like they have to acquire another starting pitcher. Meaning, if they can get a front line starter like Garza then they should by all means do it. But, they should not mortgage their future away by trading for an inconsistent starter like Fausto Carmona.

If the season were to start today, the Cubs rotation would probably look like this…

  1. Ryan Dempster
  2. Carlos Zambrano
  3. Randy Wells
  4. Tom Gorzelanny
  5. Casey Coleman