The 40 Man Roster Mystery


As many of you are out and about doing some last minute Christmas shopping, the Chicago Cubs for the most part have already gotten all the items on their wish list. Their biggest wish was a new first baseman, and it was granted in form of free agent Carlos Pena. They later received their own “Miracle on 34th street” as number 34-Kerry Wood- returned to the Cubs. But even with the Cubs signing Kerry Wood and Carlos Pena, there is still work to be done. The Chicago Cubs still are looking for a starting pitcher, and they still have to make at least one more roster move to get under the 40 man roster limitation.

Ever since the Chicago Cubs signed Kerry Wood last week, they have had 41 players on the 40 man roster. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why the Chicago Cubs need to make one more roster move. However, it is confusing, considering that the Cubs have yet to make that corresponding roster move. Typically the move is announced on the same day as the signing, but obviously the Cubs did not announce any other roster move when they introduced Kerry Wood. Most of these moves are resolved by a team just designating a player for assignment, something the Chicago Cubs have not done yet.

Given that the Cubs have not released any player to get under the 40 man roster limitation, this may signal that a trade may be looming for the Chicago Cubs. But before we get too much into details, lets look at how the Cubs 40 (41) man roster is constructed according to the Chicago Cubs official website.

As we know by now the Cubs have-25 pitchers; 4 catchers; 6 infielders; 6 outfielders- 41 players on their 40 man roster.

Their is a strong chance that one of the 4 catchers-Robinson Chirinos, Wellington Castillo, Koyie Hill, Geovany Soto- could be traded before the season starts. Obviously Soto is not going to get traded, as he is a lock to be the Cubs starting catcher in 2011. I’m also tended to believe that the Cubs will hold onto Koyie Hill, or else they would have non-tendered him when they had the chance. A lot of teams have been inquiring the Cubs on Robinson Chirinos, and the Cubs appear to be willing to trade him. Chirinos has been potentially involved in two deals this winter, one that could send him to Texas along with pitcher Rafael Dolis in exchange for Chris Davis, and Darren O’Day. The other that could send him to Tampa Bay as a part of a package for Matt Garza. If the Cubs do get rid of a catcher off the 40 man roster, Chirinos appears to be the prime candidate.

The only other option I can see the Cubs doing is releasing either Sam Fuld or Carlos Silva. The Chicago Cubs are willing to release Silva this winter if they feel they have no use for him, or they can not find a trade partner to take him. The Cubs have not really put Silva into their 2011 plans. Much like Silva, the Cubs do not really have a use for Sam Fuld. With Brandon Guyer on the 40 man roster already-and Brett Jackson not far behind-Fuld essentially is a sixth outfielder for the Cubs right now.

When something does break regarding the 40 man roster, I can assure you that here at Cubbies Crib we will cover it with in depth analysis.