The Cubs Begin Search For New Analyst


One of the most difficult things to do when you are mourning is moving on without that person that you have lost. Words can not describe how much Ron Santo’s presence will be missed next season during Cubs games. While Pat Hughes, as Luke touched on today, will remain with the Cubs, we are never going to be able to hear the true brilliance that we have heard during the Pat and Ron era. But, as I’m sure Ron Santo would want us to do, we must move on.

The Chicago Cubs are beginning the process of finding a new radio analyst to go along with Pat Hughes in the booth. The Chicago Cubs and WGN Radio 720 hope to have a new announcer in place before the annual Cubs Convention that takes place on January 14th through the 16th. The Chicago Tribune reports that the requirements for all candidates are that they are a former player, preferably former Cub, and have broadcasting experience.

Immediately the name that comes every Cubs fans mind is Mark Grace. As Grace is a perfect fit for what WGN and the Cubs are looking for in their next broadcaster. Grace is a fan favorite among Cubs fans, and is currently a television broadcaster for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Fox telecasts. While most fans believe that Grace would come back if the Cubs come calling, that does not mean that he actually will come back. Considering Grace’s obligations to Fox, that may be what blocks him from replacing Ron Santo.

Other than Grace, former Cubs player such as Dan Plesac, and Mitch Williams also appear to be among the candidates to step in as the new broadcaster. Both Plesac and Williams are currently analysts for the MLB Network. I would imagine that Plesac may be high on the Cubs list considering that before he was with MLB Network, he was the post game analyst for Comcast Sportsnet Chicago after every Cubs game. During his time with Comcast Sportsnet, Plesac really showed off his knowledge of the game and understanding of game scenarios.

Other candidates for the job appear to be Eric Karros, Doug Glanville, Rick Sutcliffe, Garry Matthews, Dave Otto, and Keith Moreland.

Moreland, who has subbed in for Ron Santo over recent years, does seem to flow together with Pat Hughes and provides a good listen when he is calling the games on radio. To be honest, he is my pick to replace Ron Santo. He may not be the stylish pick, but from a baseball perspective, he may be the best candidate.

Who would you like to see join Pat Hughes in the booth?