Cubs/Loney Rumor Appears To Be Short-Lived


Earlier today, we picked up on a story that was originally reported by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. That story suggested that the Dodgers have made first baseman James Loney available and the Cubs are one of three teams that have inquired on Loney. Soon after that original story, Rosenthal updated it as he heard from a Dodger’s source saying that the Dodgers have no intention of trading James Loney.

However, according to Tony Jackson of ESPN Los Angeles, the Dodgers and Brewers are in discussions about a trade that would send closer Jonathan Broxton along with Loney to the Brewers for Prince Fielder. If that is the case, then you can cross the Cubs off of teams interested in trading for James Loney. Because, there is no way the Cubs would be able to match an offer like that.

Because, while the Cubs would only be trading for Loney and not Broxton, the potential trade with the Brewers makes much more sense than a trade with the Cubs from the Dodgers perspective. The only way the Dodgers are willing to give up Loney, is if they get a quality first baseman back in any trade. Last time I checked, the only first baseman listed on the Cubs depth chart is utility man Jeff Baker. So, obviously the Cubs probably will not be able to come up with a package that the Brewers are reportedly offering.

For what it is worth, Ken Rosenthal has sent out numerous tweets shooting down this rumor, one from a source indicating that the Dodgers have no interest in Prince Fielder.

Regardless, it does not seem like the Chicago Cubs will be trading for James Loney any time soon. Which means, they could be trying to zero in on Carlos Pena, who is receiving heavy interest from the Nationals, Blue Jays, and Orioles as well as the Cubs.