Adrian Gonzalez Still A Padre…For Now


As things turn out, Adrian Gonzalez is still a San Diego Padre. Despite the Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres agreeing on a trade, the Red Sox were unable to work out a long term extension with Adrian Gonzalez before the window of negotiation closed at 1PM today. Therefore, the trade to the Red Sox has been nixed, and Adrian Gonzalez is still on the trade market.

Now, before all Cubs fans get excited over the fact that the Cubs still have an opportunity at trading for Gonzalez, you might not want to get your hopes up. As, there was a reason why the Red Sox backed out of the trade for Gonzalez, a guy who they coveted for the past two years. That reason being that Gonzalez was looking for more money than what the Red Sox were offering.  It is believed that the Red Sox were offering a 6 year deal worth somewhere around $120MM. However, Gonzalez refused to take it, as he is looking for an 8 year deal worth $180MM.

There are now conflicting reports over whether or not the Red Sox will attempt to make a different trade, and worry about the extension at later point in the season. Because many believe that the Red Sox are not going to trade for Gonzalez, unless he signs a long term extension with the team. However, an executive told Ken Rosenthal that the only way the Red Sox are out of a potential Gonzalez trade, is if they re-sign Adrian Beltre.

Which is where the Cubs come in, according to Bleacher Nation, the Cubs made contact with the Padres today, after the Gonzalez trade to the Red Sox fell through. The report indicates that original trade talks did not really advance because the Cubs were unwilling to part with anyone out of Andrew Cashner, Hak-Ju lee, Tyler Colvin, Chris Archer, Brett Jackson, and Trey McNutt.

The news of Gonzalez being stubborn over a long term contract extension, may turn out to benefit the Cubs. Because, if Gonzalez is unwilling to sign a long term extension at this time, then his trade value immediately goes down. Meaning, the Padres may consider the Cubs offer that probably included Jay Jackson and/or Chris Carpenter, along with Josh Vitters. Or may be, even though I doubt it, the Cubs are willing to part with some of the prospects they weren’t before.

But, you have to ask yourself, if the Red Sox were not able to work out a long term extension with Gonzalez, what makes you think the Cubs would be able to? The Red Sox have been deeply invested into getting Gonzalez, that you have to think that they will eventually work something out. Which is why, I’m still considering the Cubs to be out of the Adrian Gonzalez sweepstakes. Then again, anything can happen at the Winter Meetings, which should be filled with many rumors and trades.