Who’s At First?….Here Is The Latest


Today is proving to be a significant day for the Chicago Cubs, and their search for a first baseman. With many players being non-tendered, the free agent market has developed. Expect the Chicago Cubs to be active over the next 2 weeks in their search for a first baseman, as well as a starting pitcher and a reliever.

The biggest news of the day, is that Adam Dunn is now officially off the Free Agent market. As the 31 year old slugger signed a 4 year deal/$56MM deal with the Chicago White Sox this afternoon. When the Free Agent period originally started, many thought he Cubs were going to sign Adam Dunn. One report, went as far as to say that the Cubs were ready to offer Dunn a 3 year/ $40MM contract. However, it was later discovered that the Chicago Cubs did not have enough room on their payroll to afford Adam Dunn.

Now, that Dunn has a signed a contract, this will likely expedite the first base market for free agents. Considering that Dunn was asking for $60MM, and received $56MM, this may put the Cubs in a good position when it comes to free agents like Lance Berkman. Berkman is asking for around $7MM this season from interested teams.

Speaking of Berkman, the Colorado Rockies are making a strong push to sign the former Houston Astro. However, according to Ken Rosenthal, the Rockies initial offer to Berkman was “low” and they may not be a geographical fit for Berkman. Berkman wants to be in the mid-west, close to Houston, which works in the Cubs favor. The Cubs remain very much in on Berkman, especially if he is willing to take a one year deal at about $7MM.

If the Cub can not land Berkman, then they will probably go hard after Carlos Pena. Of all the free agents, Pena has been the one to be most associated to the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs love the fact that Pena is a good fielder and clubhouse guy, and like the power he could bring to a team.The Washington Nationals, who wanted to keep Adam Dunn, also have a serious interest in Pena. It is not known at this point how Adam Dunn signing with the White Sox effects the Nationals pursuit of Pena.

This following tidbit is more of an obligation to you, the readers, as I want to give you all of the rumors floating around about the Cubs>>> Well, Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated tweeted that he is hearing the Cubs are interested in Paul Konerko. Ok, that’s it- do you honestly believe a White Sox hero would spurn the Sox for the Cubs- thought so.

As expected the Cubs tendered contracts to all six of the eligible players, as we reported last night.