Jim Hendry On “Talkin Baseball”


Fresh off the General Managers Meetings in Orlando this past week, Chicago Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry joined “Talkin Baseball” this morning with Bruce Levine, and Fred Huebner on ESPN Radio 1000. Hendry touched on a wide variety of topics, among them being Larry Rothschild’s departure, First Base vacancy, Tyler Colvin, this past week’s GM meetings, off-season plan, prospects, and the timeline of hiring their next Pitching Coach.

Larry Rothschild’s Departure: Hendry said that over the past couple years, Rothschild was looking for an opportunity to spend more time with his family. Shortly after the Organizational meetings, Rothschild expressed his desire to Hendry of being the Pitching Coach for the Yankees, considering their spring training facilities are close to his home. Once learning of Rothschild’s wishes, Hendry placed a call to Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, whom Hendry is good friends with, and told him that he had permission to speak to Rothschild. After about a day with Rothschild, Cashman new that he was the man for the job. Hendry believes that Rothschild made the right decision.

First Base/ Corner Outfield:Hendry told Bruce and Fred that Tyler Colvin will be an everyday player for the Chicago Cubs next season. However, Hendry does not know yet if Colvin will play First Base or Right Field. It is too early to tell what the Cubs will do, Hendry mentioned the team will either trade for or sign a first baseman or corner outfielder.

General Managers Meetings: According to Hendry, he feels that more clubs are looking to trade in order to improve their team instead of signing free agents. Hendry feels this is good for baseball, and likes the early aggressiveness that teams are showing. He mentioned that the Free Agent market is what it is, which is slow developing. As we get closer to the Winter Meetings, Hendry believes that more of the big name free agents will begin to sign with teams.

Off-Season Plan: There have been many questions in regards to how much money Jim Hendry has to spend this season. According to Bruce Levine, Crane Kenney told him that the Cubs have money spend this winter. Hendry echoed that statement, as he said the Cubs have enough money to add a piece or two this winter via free agency. However, Hendry did admit that for the most part the Cubs plan is to build from within, as well as make a few trades to improve this team for next season.

Trading Prospects-With the Chicago Cubs rumored to be interested in trading for Adrian Gonzalez, Bruce and Fred guided Hendry into talking about trading prospects. While Hendry never mentioned Gonzalez, he did say that the Cubs intend to trade some prospects this winter to improve their team for next season. Hendry believes that trading Prospects is all about balance. You have to know what Prospects to hold onto, and what Prospects you have to hold on to.

Timeline For Hiring New Pitching Coach- Hendry believes the process to hire a new Pitching Coach will be a relative quick one. The Cubs will fill the position from within the Organization, and Hendry has about 3 or 4 candidates in mind for the job.