Todd Ricketts Goes Undercover


To the common Cub fan, they may not be able to recognize Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts if he passed them on the street. However, Ricketts will soon be recognized by the entire nation. As, Ricketts will be featured on tonight’s episode of “Undercover Boss” on CBS.

The Chicago Cubs co-owner will go undercover within the organization as a maintenance employee. Ricketts is swapping his fancy suit and suitcase, with a cleaning uniform and a plunger. However, if the previews are any indication, Ricketts better remain in the front office, as his ventures as a maintenance man presumably did not go well.

This can best be described by Vicent Kennedy McMahon, who is famous for uttering these two famous words on WWE Programming….

The episode is scheduled to air tonight at 8:OO PM, however, the time is subject to change due to the football game earlier in the day on CBS. Nonetheless, tune in and watch Todd Ricketts blunders as a maintenance man.