Girardi Was Never Interested In Cubs Job


Before the Chicago Cubs hired Mike Quade as their next manager, there had been a lot of speculation going on throughout Chicago media and the Cubs fan base that the Chicago Cubs were delaying their Managerial hire, because they wanted to have a chance at nabbing Joe Girardi from the New York Yankees. But despite this speculation, I always felt that Joe Girardi would never leave the New York Yankees for the Chicago Cubs. I remember, getting a lot of comments saying that I did not know what I was talking about, and that Girardi would love to come to the Chicago Cubs. Well, to all those conspiracy theorists that jumped on me for saying that Girardi would never leave the Yankees for the Cubs, you can all enjoy yourselves some nice and delicious crow. Because, as it turns out, I was right.

"Earlier this season, rumors abounded that the Chicago Cubswould pursue Girardi to replace the retiring Lou Piniella, a belief that seemed to have some legitimacy since Girardi is a native of the area and played seven seasons in two stints with the Cubs.But that story died when the Cubs hired Mike Quade as their manager earlier this month, and one of the sources said the Cubs job was never a real option.“Joe told Cashman back in August that he had no interest in the Cubs job,” the source said. “He had too many good things going in New York to be interested in that.” ESPN"

Joe Girardi agreed to a new 3 year deal today to remain the Yankees manager. Like I have said from the beginning, there was never any chance that Girardi was going to leave the Yankees for the Cubs. Because much like the source told ESPN, why on earth would Girardi leave the prestigious Yankees for a team in the Cubs, that is undergoing a reduction in payroll.

Also, I think all those fans that are upset at the Cubs management for passing up on Girardi can start to applaud them for not making a mockery of situation. If Tom Ricketts, and Jim Hendry felt that there was a legitimate chance that Girardi would have come to the Cubs, I bet you they would have waited. Instead, they did the right thing and hired Mike Quade as their next manager.So, instead of bashing the Cubs for hiring Quade, you should welcome Quade, because, the news today proves that he was best available candidate for the Chicago Cubs position.