Who’s To Blame For The Cubs Drought?


The Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants will begin game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday Night. Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs are still sitting at home in the midst of a 103 year drought since last winning the World Series. Whereas, either the Texas Rangers or San Francisco Giants will win their first world series title. The Giants have not won the World Series since they moved from New York to San Francisco.

One of these teams will only add to a list that already includes the White Sox, and Red Sox as teams that have broken the drought and won the World Series this past decade. With that being said, one has to wonder why all of these teams can find the Success that the Cubs have been missing for over the past century.

The popular theories among Cubs fans are that the Chicago Cubs are a cursed franchise. Whether it is the Billy Goat Curse, the Black Cat Curse, or the most recent Steve Bartman blunder many fans believe that there is some type of paranormal activity going around preventing the Cubs from ever making or winning the World Series.

However, recent World Series winners in the Red Sox and White Sox also faced their fair share of curses. The Red Sox were supposedly haunted by the “curse of the bambino” after failing to win a World Series since they sent Babe Ruth to the Yankees. But, in 2004, not only did the Red Sox upset the Yankees in the ALCS, they went on to win the World Series.

Meanwhile, the 2005 World Series winners, the Chicago White Sox, blamed their World Series drought on the “curse of the Black Sox”. However, like the Red Sox, the White Sox simply forgot about any curse and went on to win the World Series in 2005.

It is extremely hard for me to blame a “curse” as the reason the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908. Over the past 103 years, the Chicago Cubs have had plenty of teams that were considered to be the best teams of their respective season. Such as in 2003, the Chicago Cubs were without question the better team than the Florida Marlins, but they just could not execute in crucial situations. 2008 was a flat out joke, as the Cubs were by far the best MLB team during the season, and yet, were swept out of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

To be honest, the blame does not fall on one person, I believe it falls on the entire organization. Year after year, the Chicago Cubs have mistakes whether it be on the field or in the front office. It is each and every Player, Manager, General Manager, President, and Chairman that needs to be held accountable for the Chicago Cubs not winning the World Series since 1908. Stop with all the nonsense of Curses and scapegoats, this is not a game, this is an organization. For years, the Chicago Cubs have been one of the worst executed organization’s in baseball. That is the real reason why the Chicago Cubs consistently fail year after year after year, not because of some billy goat, or black cat, or fan who did what any of us would have done in that situation.

So, until the Chicago Cubs prove they can successfully run their Organization, their World Series drought will continue to expand.