Girardi Still In Cubs Picture


There is no doubt that the Chicago Cubs have been thorough with their managerial search, trying to find the best possible candidate for the vacancy. It is believed that their managerial search is down to two candidates in Mike Quade and Ryne Sandberg. With Quade being the apparent favorite to remain as manager. However, Rick Morrisey of the Chicago Sun Times suggests that the reason the Cubs are delaying their announcement of their next manager, is because they still believe that they have a a viable chance at landing New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

Obviously, seeing as how the Yankees are in the midst of their series against the Texas Rangers to decided who will be representing the American League in the World Series, Girardi has not commented on the Cubs opening. However, he did leave it open for interpretation that he could be interested if the Chicago Cubs give him call. With Girardi being a former Cub, and spending most of his life in Illinois, he meets Tom Ricketts criteria of a manager who knows the history of managing the Chicago Cubs.

Many people argue that Girardi would never leave the Yankees, to come to a far less superior team in the Chicago Cubs. But take a look at this excerpt from the Morrisey article…

"Lots of people in New York are having a hard time understanding why Joe Girardi would even consider leaving the Yankees for the Cubs.Of course, these are the same people who can’t understand why anyone would choose to live outside the New York metropolitan area. Tell them you’re tired of hearing about Bobby Thomson’s home run off Ralph Branca in 1951 and watch them gather the stake, the firewood and the accelerant.What they’re failing to grasp is the almost hypnotic attraction the Cubs’ job might have for someone such as Girardi, who grew up in Peoria, went to Northwestern and fully appreciates the hazards involved. It’s like this: You know you shouldn’t eat a double-chocolate doughnut because you weigh 340 pounds and you’re about a molecule of fatty plaque away from a heart attack, but it is speaking to you in such a personal, loving way that resistance seems futile."

People underestimate that Girardi has a deep passion for the city of Chicago, and has a special fondness for the Chicago Cubs. Sure, the Yankees will always be the cream of the crop when it comes to being a manager. But, the cream of the crop for Girardi may be to manage his hometown team, the Chicago Cubs. Not to mention, Girardi would probably leave Cubs fan more confident, than Mike Quade or Ryne Sandberg would.

As long as the Chicago Cubs feel they have a shot to nab Girardi away from the New York Yankees, they are not going to announce a manager. So, be prepared to continue waiting, as this may not be settled until after the Yankees conclude their postseason run.