The Crib Is Looking To Expand


Have you as a Chicago Cubs fans always wanted to express your feelings about something, but you never had the place to do it. Well, your opportunity has finally come. Here at Cubbies Crib we are looking to expand our writing roster, and are on the lookout for 3 intelligent Cubs fans, who love to write about their favorite team.

Here is how it will play out…

I, Jordan Campbell, am the lead writer for Cubbies Crib. As the lead writer I will report on most breaking news as well as rumors,transactions and injuries. I also will be generating a post schedule for all of the writers on the team.

We are looking for 3 contributing writers that would like to be a part of the Cubbies Crib team.

Each contributing writer will specialize in one overall theme in all their articles. For instance, one contributor will be our Minor League specialist. They would simply focus all their work on the Chicago Cubs farm system, as well as the prospects within the organization.

Another contributing writer will focus on game previews and game recaps. Basically, you would be the pre and post game analyst for Cubbies Crib. In the offseason you would primarily work on player profiles, recapping their 2010 season, and projecting them for the 2011 season.

The last contributing writer will give a perspective of being a fan. So basically they would be one of the die hard that go to a lot of games and sit in the bleachers, and have a lot of passion for the Chicago Cubs.  As the lead writer it is my duty to be objective and professional about the articles I write. What I am looking for from this contributor, is the complete opposite, I want a fan who bleeds cubbie blue to enlighten us as well as the readers about the current fan perspective of the Chicago Cubs.

If you are interested you can either contact our MLB Director John Parent at jparent.mcb@gmail. Or feel free to contact myself at cubbiescrib@gmail and I will forward it to the appropriate people. In your email, please specify on what role you would like to fulfill.