Cubbies Cribs 2010 Cub’s Awards


While the Chicago Cubs figure to get looked over in all the award categories this year by the national media, they will all have the chance to win an award for their 2010 efforts, or lack thereof, here at Cubbies Crib. So with that being said, let’s take a look at the team award winners.

MVP: Could have went with a plethora of players such as Marlon Byrd, Carlos Marmol, Sean Marshall, and Ryan Dempster. In the end though, the award is going to centerfielder Marlon Byrd. Byrd proved to be a great signing as he showed excellent defensive abilities, while also contributing offensively. He also demonstrated quality leadership skills both on and off the field.

Cy Young: The Cubs top pitcher really only comes down to two candidates and they are Ryan Dempster and Carlos Marmol. Given that Dempster had a few stretched of back to back to losses, the award is going to Carlos Marmol. Pretty much from start to finish, Marmol may have been the most dominating closer in baseball. He was essentially unhittable, and put up extraordinary strikeout numbers.

Most Improved Player: There is no question here, outfielder Tyler Colvin was hands down the most improved player on the 2010 Chicago Cubs. In little under a year he went from a scrawny outfielder who barely made the team, to a one of team’s leading power hitters. That is a credit to his excellent work ethic he showed during last year’s off-season.

Least Valuable Player: While Aramis Ramirez has led the Chicago Cubs for so long, this year he may have been the biggest reason why the Cubs were such a disappointing team. He showed almost no offensive skills for majority of the first half, and his defensive left much to be desired.

Rookie Of The Year: The Chicago Cubs and their fans saw a lot of rookies put on a Cubs uniform this season, but only one truly stood out from the others. Of course, I am talking about the 20 year old shortstop Starlin Castro. Castro showed great offensive skills, while, despite 27 errors showed signs of potentially being one of the better fielding shortstops in the league.

There are the official Cubbies Crib 2010 awards, feel free to leave comments or email me at to let me know your thoughts on who should have won these awards.