Cubs Plan To Sell High


If the Chicago Cubs are going to pursue Adam Dunn, they are going to make some trades, so they can save money and put it towards a contract for Adam Dunn. According to Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun Times, the Chicago Cubs plan to sell high on Kosuke Fukudome, Carlos Silva, and Carlos Zambrano. Wittenmyer expects Hendry to trade one of those hefty contracts, if not two of them.

You can go ahead and scratch Zambrano’s name off that list, because he is not going to waive his no trade clause this off-season. Zambrano appears to be motivated to be on the Cubs, and is doing his best to bring Adam Dunn to Chicago.

It is almost a certainty that Kosuke Fukudome will get traded this winter. Hendry aggresively tried to trade Fukudome during the season, trying to sell the Red Sox and Nationals to trade for him. Given that Fukudome is in a contract year, making $13.5MM, the Chicago Cubs may not have to take on all of his remaining salary. However, it is hard to find a team right now that would have interest in Kosuke, but I’m sure some will pop up as we get closer to the Hot Stove season.

Carlos Silva appears to fall under the same category that Kosuke Fukudome is in, seeing as Silva does not really fit with next years team. Silva is entering a contract year making $11.5MM, with the Cubs also receiving more money from the Mariners this off-season. Silva has had his best season in two years with the Chicago Cubs this season. He is going to finish the year with a 10-6 record with and ERA of 4.22. However, Silva has still struggled with injuries this year, specifically in the second half. It will be difficult for Hendry to trade Silva, given the concern over his injury history.

Much like the Chicago Cubs have done over the past two winters, they are going to trade peices so they can add peices through free agency. So I would look for the Cubs to try and trade Silva, and Fukudome to use the money they save and sign Adam Dunn, or some other left handed power hitter.