Brenly Turns Down Chicago Cubs Interview


Chicago Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly has taken his name out of consideration for the Chicago Cubs managerial vacancy, ESPN Radio 1000 was the first to report the news. Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry reached out to Bob Brenly earlier this month in hopes of interviewing him for the Chicago Cubs managerial opening.

There have been reports from ESPN Radio 1000 earlier during the week that Hendry was not too high on Brenly, due to his blatant criticism of the team over the course of the season. It will be interesting to see if the Chicago Cubs decide to remove Brenly from the booth after this season. If you remember, the Chicago Cubs removed Steve Stone as their commentator after 2004 when they essentially forced him to resign.

However, the biggest reason why Brenly probably withdrew has name was because of the way the Cubs handled his interview in 2007 before they hired Lou Piniella. It seemed as if the Cubs were not too keen on Brenly and did not really take him as a serious candidate in 2007.

Brenly cited personal and professional reasons as the reasons why he is not interested in being the Chicago Cubs manager. However, he did say that he has been in contact with some teams regarding their manager situation. It seems that he may have other oppurtunities lined up and preferred those situations over the Cubs.

Brenly is the second candidate to turn the Cubs request for an interview, with Fredi Gonzalez being the first. The list of candidates still included Eric Wedge, and Ryne Sandberg who were already interviewed as well as Pat Listach, Bob Melvin, and Mike Quade.