Finally!!! A Legit Excuse To Root Against The Yankees


As the New York Yankees prepare to enter the playoffs, they probably will go into the playoffs with all of Chicago rooting against them. Not that, that is any different to how it normally is. However, this time fans in Chicago have a good reason in why they want to see the Yankees fail once the calender hits october.

As we all know by now the Chicago Cubs to choice for their manager vacancy is Joe Girardi. Considering that Girardi is the manager of the New York Yankees, it is highly unlikely that the Chicago Cubs would be granted an interview with him while the Yankees are still playing games.Which is why Cubs fans should root for the Yankees to have an early exit from the playoffs.

While many say that Girardi would have a hard time leaving the Yankees, if he fails to lead the Yankees into the World Series then there is a strong chance thatt he Yankees might not even elect to bring Girardi back. Which would open the door for the Chicago Cubs to come in and sweep Girardi away from New York, or any other team that may look for his services.

Girardi is the wild card in the Cubs managerial search. Ideally, the Cubs would like to have their new manager by mid to late October, and if the Yankees are still in the playoffs Girardi will probably not be given a chance to get the Chicago Cubs position. However you can make the argument that as much as Cubs fans want Girardi to be the Cubs next manager, is equally as much as Yankees fans want Girardi not be their manager.

At different points this season Girardi has been criticized for his managing decisions, and accused of not being able to handle the New York media really well. Which brings up the Question if Girardi is not capable of handling the New York media, how will he be able to handle the equally as tough Chicago media?

Time will tell if Girardi ever becomes a strong candidate for the Chicago Cubs managerial spot. But, if he does, the Chicago Cubs certainly will be more than willing to overpay for his services, which in the end might not be as good as an idea as some fans might think it will be.