Chicago Cubs May Consider Aubrey Huff


A lot of the “hot stove” news about the Chicago Cubs have been focused on their impending pursuit of Adam Dunn once MLB free agency starts. However, recent reports have suggested that the Adam Dunn may be back in Washington next year, as the the two sides have reportedly gotten closer to a deal in order for Dunn to stay in Washington. If the Cubs do not get the chance to make a run at Adam Dunn, there is a chance that they will take a long look at possibly acquiring Aubrey Huff, who also is an impending free agent this off-season.

Huff,33, is the starting first baseman for the San Francisco Giants this season and is hitting .288/.382/.510 with 25 home runs and 84 RBIs. Huff has always been credited with being a good clubhouse character and in many aspects could be considered to be a team leader. However you have to wonder when Huff’s production will begin to decline as he will be 34 when next season starts.

Offering Huff a short term contract maybe the perfect backup plan for the Chicago Cubs if they fail to get Adam Dunn, Victor Marinez, or Carlos Pena. Because let’s say the Cubs only give Huff a one year deal, that would give them the flexibilty to possibly make a run at one of young first basemen that could be free agents in Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, or Albert Pujols.

We will have a better sense of the Cubs plans, when we get closer to the “hot stove” season actually beginning.