Brenly Enters The Managerial Fray


There is a very strong chance the Chicago Cubs will be in the market for a new broadcaster to partner up with Len Kasper next season, as Bob Brenly will likely be a manager for some team in the major league next season. According to Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun Times, Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry reached out to Bob Brenly this week, to schedule an interview about the Cubs managerial vacancy.

If the Cubs fans had choice, I’m sure Bob Brenly would either be option 1 or option 2 on most of their lists. Over his years as a Cubs broadcaster, Brenly has become very popular among Cubs fans who admire his knowledge of the game, as well as strong criticism of poor play. Which may be one of the strongest reasons why Brenly is a candidate for the Cubs position.

Also going off of Tom Ricketts remarks about wanting a manager who has a knowledge of the Chicago Cubs history, I’m sure Brenly has learned a lot about the Cubs and their history after joining Len Kasper in the Cubs television booth in 2005.  For that reason, you would have to think that the Chicago Cubs may consider Brenly a strong candidate or even leading candidate.

Another factor that may improve Brenly’s chances of getting the Cubs job, is the fact that he has won the World Series before. I know that was one of the leading attributes that led to Lou Piniella getting the job in 2007, but you can not honestly tell me that Brenly has the same managerial traits that Piniella had.

Also in the Sun Times report, it mentions that the Chicago Cubs have received high regards about outside candidate Bob Melvin. We learned this week that Melvin is going to interview for the Cubs position at some point before the season ends.