Eric Wedge Makes His Case For The Cubs Job


The Chicago Cubs have started the interview process for finding their next manager. Former Cleveland Indians manager, 2003-2009, Eric Wedge was the first candidate to have a formal interview for the job. As General Manager Jim Hendry told reporters today that he spent the day and dinner with Wedge,  and the meeting was strictly about the Chicago Cubs managerial opening.

Wedge was the American Leagues manager of the year in 2007, when he lead the Cleveland Indians to the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox. However, he was fired after the 2009 season after being with the Indians since 2003. Wedge won 500+ games with the Indians.

It is unclear though where Wedge ranks among other candidates. Although considering that he was the first candidate to have an interview, one could suggest that he could be a top candidate.

Other candidates that will receive an interview for the Chicago Cubs position include Ryne Sandberg, Fredi Gonzalez, and Washington Nationals coach Pat Listach. The Cubs also have shown interest in Joe Torre, and Joe Girardi but are waiting on further clarification on whether or not they will be with their current team in 2011. As of now, Joe Torre is not expected to be back in Los Angeles next year. As for Girardi, the Yankees will likely express interest in having him return next year, however many believe Girardi will strongly consider managing the Cubs.

The best fit for the Chicago Cubs would have to be Joe Girardi. Because in his time in New York, he has shown that he can handle a big market media as well as some big market players. Also when Girardi was in Florida he proved that he would stand up to a player if he believed he was doing something wrong, which lead to Girardi getting fired unfairly.

The bottom line is who the Cubs hire as their manager will determine what type of direction they are going in as a team. If they hire a young guy like Sandberg, then it is likely that they intend to rebuild the team with young players. But, if they hire a guy like Girardi or Torre, that would symbolize that the Cubs intend to be contenders in 20