Wrigley Field Dunn The Right Way


With the Chicago Cubs visiting the Washington Nationals this week, you knew the topic of Adam Dunn coming to the Cubs next season would eventually come up. Given that the Cubs need a first baseman next year, and prefer it to be a left handed power hitter, Adam Dunn makes a lot of sense. Interim Cubs manager Mike Quade squashed the idea of Colvin playing first base as he moved the rookie back to the outfield. Meaning that Colvin is not expected to play at first any time soon. With that being in mind, Chicago Sun Times Cubs beat reporter Gordon Wittenmyer took time out to speak to Dunn about his future intentions. During which, Dunn announced his admiration of Wrigley Field and his good relationship with GM Jim Hendry.

"”[Wrigley Field’s] obviously one of my favorite parks to hit in,” said Dunn, second in the National League with 31 home runs. ”I’ve always really enjoyed playing there. The atmosphere is great there for any player. The fans are always hard on the other team, which makes it fun.” CHICAGO SUN TIMES"

To be honest, this one of the main reasons why I think the Chicago Cubs should sign Adam Dunn. For most of his professional career Dunn has always produced tremendous numbers while playing in Wrigley Field. The old adage may be because he is facing Cubs pitching, but in Dunn’s case I do not think that is true. There is no question that if Dunn were to play half his games in Wrigley he would have at least 40 home runs a year.

"”It’s a great place to play,” said Dunn, who’s an old Cincinnati teammate and friend of Cubs clubhouse leader Ryan Dempster and who also has developed a rapport, if not a budding relationship, with Hendry.”I know Jim from my Cincinnati days,” he said. ”We hit it off. He’s one of my favorites. And I hear nothing but great things about him.” CHICAGO SUN TIMES"

There is no question that if Dunn hits the open market, he will take a long and hard look at the Chicago Cubs. And to be honest I think Dunn will be one of the Cubs main targets this year. Considering that he is one of the best left handed power hitters in the game today, the Cubs would finally be filling in one of their biggest holes that they’ve had for the past three years.

For What it’s worth, ESPN’s Buster Olney proposes that a 4 year offer from the Cubs should “seal the deal” for Dunn. Considering Dunn is 30, that may not be a bad investment.