Let The Off-Season Needs Begin


One of the best times for being a blogger like myself is the off-season. It is especially fun and exciting when you cover a team like the Cubs, who are looking for a new manager, as well as a way to improve their team dramatically from this season. With that said, it appears that we are beginning to see what is on the Cubs to do list this off-season. According to Ken Rosenthal the Cubs number one goal is to find a left handed power hitter, as well as a veteran starting pitcher.

Pending on what position Tyler Colvin plays, the Cubs will add a left handed power hitter for either first base or right field. If Colvin remains in right field, I would look for the Cubs to make an extremely aggressive push for Adam Dunn as their first baseman. I have made it known over the past few weeks that I am a big supporter of having Dunn come to the Cubs. He would finally give them the left handed power hitter that they have wanted for the past three seasons. If Colvin switches to first base, then the Cubs may try to land Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth. Note that I threw those two names out for speculative purposes. Also, I’m sure the Cubs will examine the trade market for a power hitter as well.

As for starting pitching, Rosenthal says regardless of what the Cubs do with Carlos Zambrano they will add a veteran starting pitcher. According to Rosenthal, the Cubs still have “very strong interest” in recently traded Ted Lilly. Lilly, also remains interested in coming back and playing for the Chicago Cubs. Also if Brandon Webb, Brad Penny, or Ben Sheets hit the market the Cubs may make a run at one of them. The biggest pitchers available will obviously be Cliff Lee, and if the Cubs are willing to spend money they should go after him. Although, Lee may have his eyes set on pitching for the New York Yankees.

A new first baseman and starting pitcher, are just the beginning of what should be a very active off-season for your Chicago Cubs.