Who’s On First?


By trading long time starting first baseman Derrek Lee yesterday, the Chicago Cubs have now created a glaring hole on their team, and probably will not fill it until the off-season. Looking within the Cubs organization it appears that the team has no hot shot prospect in their organization that plays first base. The only player close to being a prospect is Micah Hoffpauir, but has already been made clear that he is not a long term solution at first base.

An interesting name to keep an eye on is outfielder Tyler Colvin. Colvin, who played some first base in college, has begun preparing at first base and taking fielding practice. The Chicago Cubs will evaluate Colvin for the remainder of the year assuming that he does indeed get some playing time at first base before the season is over. Moving Colvin to first may not be such a bad idea once you look into it. So far, Colvin has shown that his defense is not up to par in the outfield, and hopefully his glove is improved at first base. Also by moving Colvin to first, that would open up a spot in right field for top prospect Brett Jackson, who some thing will be ready by the time spring training comes around. I personally feel the Cubs should not place Colvin at first, mainly because he may not be able to provide the offensive production that a team typically receives from that position.

The Chicago Cubs would be best served to find their new first baseman this offseason either through trade or free agency. Now, the name everyone will point to first is Prince Fielder. There are a few of reasons why he will not be on the Cubs any time soon. First Fielder is still under team control for one more year, meaning the Cubs would have to trade for him, and the Brewers probably do not want to trade Fielder to a division rival. Even if the Cubs were to trade for him, he is a free agent in one year, and the Cubs probably will not be able to reach his asking price.

Among Free Agent first basemen this offseason there will be Adam Dunn, Carlos Pena, Paul Konerko, and Lyle Overbay towards the top of the first base market. While Adam Dunn does type of defense that the other three possess, he is a legitimate power hitter who could do serious damage to opposing teams in Wrigley Field. Dunn stated his desire to be a Cubs two years ago before he signed with the Washington Nationals. He may finally get that chance this winter.

You know It can not be a Who’s On First topic without mentioning the hilarious clip by Abbott and Costello, so here ya go…