Little Truth To A-Ram/Braves Rumor


A rumor is making its way around the net today, suggesting that the Atlanta Braves are pursuing Aramis Ramirez in wake of the Chipper Jones injury. In the report, it mentions that the Braves intentionally did not sign some of their early round draft picks in order to have the money to either claim or trade for Aramis Ramirez. Even though the Cubs have been willing to clear salary this season, and the Braves have a legitimate need for a third baseman, I would not put much stock into this rumor.

For one, it is extremely difficult for a player like Aramis Ramirez to clear waivers, and then be traded. Given that Ramirez has a $14.5MM player option for next year and his poor performance this year, I doubt he will be getting moved any time soon. There are only two ways in which Ramirez can end up with the Braves. One, he would have to clear waivers and then the Cubs and Braves are free to discuss a trade involving him. Or Two, the Braves would have to hope that any team with a worse record than theirs does not claim him, which then opens the door for the Braves to trade him.

Once being claimed, the Chicago Cubs could then decide to  try and workout a trade with the Braves involving Ramirez, let him go claimed by the Braves, or simply pull him off of waivers.

Personally, I do not think the Cubs intend to trade Ramirez at this point, considering that they all ready do not expect to bring back Derrek Lee. It would make the Cubs off-season a lot more strenuous if they had to find both a new first baseman and a new third baseman.

There is no word on whether or not Aramis Ramirez has even cleared waivers, or if he was even put on waivers yet.