Candidate Of The Day: Joe Torre


Name: Joe Torre

MLB Service: Joe Torre played in the MLB for 18 seasons, spending time with the Braves, Cardinals, and Mets. Torre is in his 29th year as a manger in the MLB. He has managed the Mets, Braves, Cardinals, and Yankees. He is a four time World Series champion, winning all four titles as the Yankees manager.

Pros: What is not to like about Joe Torre? There something about Torre that gives  him this chip on his shoulder, like he is better than anyone else. To be honest that is what I want to see out of a Manager. Also, Joe Torre is not shy to bench a player for not playing the game the right way, and he is not afraid to answer questions about what I feels the general manager should do to help improve his team.

Also Torre has had success with the recent teams he has been with. He won 4 titles with the Yankees, and in his first two years as Dodgers manager he has lead them to the NL Chmapionship series.

Cons: One thing I can already imagine Cubs fans saying about Joe Torre, is that this type of move maybe similar to the hiring of Lou Piniella. I do not think that is necessarily the case though, because the philosophies of both are a bit different. Torre is not afraid to bench struggling veterans, or play the hot hand while Piniella has been cautious to do so at times during his Cubs tenure.

Quotes About the Cubs Opening:

"Joe Torre on Cubs: “Chicago is a great town. But they don’t have patience:”Joe Torre on the Cubs job: “Im not going to eliminate anything. I don’t anticipate leaving. Not interested in closing doors.” Comments were Courtesy of Ben Maller"