Candidate Of The Day: Ryne Sandberg


Name: Ryne Sandberg

Years of MLB Service: Ryne Sandberg was played for 16 seasons (15 with the Cubs), and he has managed in the Cubs farm system for the past four years now.

Pros: If the Chicago Cubs actually do intend to rebuild their team, it would make sense for them to implement Ryne Sandberg as they new manager. He would be placed in a position where he would be eased into the manager’s position and not be forced with high expectations.

He also has developed a relationship with a plethora of young players that will be making their way to the majors soon. In the past he has worked with current Cubs Starlin Castro, Andrew Cashner, and Tyler Colvin. Currently he is working with Cubs top pitching prospect Jay Jackson, as well as infielder Darwin Barney, and starter Thomas Diamond.

Cons: The biggest concern that I have with Ryne Sandberg is the uncertainty of how he is going to be as a manager in the majors. The thing most people like to throw out is the success that he has had in the minors. Managing in the minors is nowhere near as difficult as it is to manage in the majors.  If he were to come to the Cubs he would have to be ready day after day to answer tough questions from the media, and as well as performing well in a big market. Again, sure he has played in the big market that is Chicago, but that does not mean anything as far as being a manager.

Quotes About The Cubs Opening:

"“[After] four years of managing at the minor league level, I’m ready for a major league job, and I’m ready to win,” Sandberg said. “The reason I went this route was to manage, not to coach.“There is a lot to managing, and with almost four years under my belt, I believe I’m ready. I’m not interested in on-the-job learning or on-the-job training. At this point, I’m interested in winning ballgames at the major league level.”“Things have gone very well here in the minor leagues. We have a good minor league system, as we can see with the younger players coming up. I believe I know these players as well as anybody, I’ve been around them, I’ve coached them, they’re moving up the ranks. There are guys here at Triple-A and Double-A knocking on the door to the big leagues. I believe I know the system very well. It’s been a great experience, and I’m ready for that next step.” ESPN CHICAGO"