Could A Ted Lilly Trade Be Near?


It appears that the Ted Lilly rumors head in a different direction every day. Earlier in the day we heard from ESPN’s Jayson Stark that the Tiger inquired about Ted Lilly , but the Cubs and Tigers have not discussed players within the past week. Later in the day, Will Carroll tweeted that two National League executives think Ted Lilly will be traded before his next start. For the record, Ted Lilly is scheduled to pitch on Wednesday for the Chicago Cubs.

To recap, teams that have been linked to Lilly have been the Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers., New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and New York Mets. Of those teams the Mets, Tigers, Dodgers, and Twins all scouted Ted Lilly’s last start on Friday. As of now, the two teams that may be the top contenders to land Lilly appears to be the Tigers, and Mets. During the Cubs post game show tonight on WGN radio, George Ofman said the Cubs are trying to push a Lilly-Theriot package other teams. One team that had interest in that package was the Detroit Tigers, but it is unclear if they still have interest after the injury to third baseman Brandon Inge tonight. But, nonetheless they still do have strong interest in Lilly.

The uncertainty that comes with Lilly, is determining what the Cubs are going to get for Ted Lilly. Some believe that Lilly is not going to give the Cubs much, and others believe the increased interest in Lilly may drive up his value. Like MLB Trade Rumors reported, Lilly will likely compare similar to what the Mariners got for Jarrod Washburn last year.  Seattle received two mid-level prospects for Washburn. Lilly’s track record and projections are better than Washburn, which is why the Cubs will probably be able to get 3 mid level prospects, or at least two mid level prospects and a good prospect.

Wednesday is the key date to watch, Will Ted Lilly be pitching for the Cubs, or on his way to a new team?