Joey Votto Adds To The List Of Cubs Haters


For whatever reason, The Chicago Cubs are one of teams that players around the major league like to take shots at. This time, Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto gets his shots in on the Chicago Cubs.

"“I don’t like the Cubs,” Votto said. “And I’m not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back. But because he [Marlon Byrd] made that really cool play, it turned out to be a really cool experience. I’m really glad we got the win today.” ESPN"

Considering Votto has never been an all-star before in his career, he probably had to much of an ego to realize that when you are at the All-Star game there is no division rivalries. It is just plain simply the best of the National League against the best of the American league.

It should also be mentioned that Votto did not make the original All-Star team, and needed help through the way of fan voting to get on the team. Marlon Byrd on the other hand was originally selected to the All-Star team.