Oh Carlos Zambrano, Where Art Thou?


When Carlos Zambrano was first placed on the restricted list, the expectation was that he would join the team to start the second half of the season. However, that does not appear to be the case anymore. No one really knows when or even if Carlos Zambrano is going to return to the Chicago Cubs this season. One thing’s for sure, and that is that Zambrano will not be joining the Cubs at the start of the second half.

"Cubs manager Lou Piniella said Sunday that Zambrano, the temper-tangled right-hander who has been on the restricted list for two weeks, definitely won’t return during the four-game series against the Philadelphia Phillies that opens the post-All-Star schedule. CHICAGO SUN TIMES"

To be honest, I think the Cubs are trying to make where Carlos Zambrano will not pitch again for them this season. The fact that they still do not have an answer for when he is going to return, should show you that they really do not want him to return. Since Zambrano was suspended and then put on the restricted list, reports have suggested that the Cubs team were in much happier state then when Carlos Zambrano was with the team. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that Carlos Zambrano was causing more tension and division in the Cubs clubhouse then what we originally thought.

It appears that Carlos Zambrano is not making an all out effort to be back with the Cub either, as he has yet to talk to Lou Piniella or any of his Cubs teammates. Ever since the incident on June 25th, it is like Carlos Zambrano has separated himself from other 24 guys that are on that team.

All the Cubs know at this point, is that Zambrano has been playing catch in an attempt to get back in shape. But, he has not been cleared by any of his doctors to advance his workout programs yet. The longer Zambrano is out on the restricted list, the longer it is going to take him to rehab his arm. As of now, there is no expected date for a Carlos Zambrano return.