Joe Girardi Will Not Be The Cubs 2011 Manager


One things that I do not get with Cubs fans, is the favor or having someone who use to be a Cubs become manager. Just because they use to be a Cub, does not mean that they would either want to become the Cubs manager, or are capable of managing. The two popular names that everybody seems to be throwing out there are Ryne Sandberg and Yankees manager Joe Girardi.

Joe Girardi is not going to become the Cubs manager next season. Just because his contract expires at the end of the season and the Yankees have yet to engage in contract talks, does not mean that he will be leaving the Yankees to come to the Cubs. For one, Joe Girardi is coming off a championship year, and seeing as how long the Yankees kept Joe Torre, who had not won a title since the “subway” world series.  Also, the Yankees are against the belief of entering contract talks with either players or coaches during the season. Which is why they have not approached the matter with Girardi yet. In sports, there is such a thing as being “out of town stupid” and believe that is going on with certain members of the media in Chicago.

Now onto Ryne Sandberg, who some think is destined to become the Cubs manager in 2011. Once again I bring up the question, what has Sandberg done to warrant him being given the Job. Sure it would be a nice a story for a former fan favorite to become the manager, but baseball is reality not fantasy. Put me in the small minority that does not want to see Ryne Sandberg be the Cubs manager in 2011. At this point in his managerial career, I don’t feel like he is qualified or ready to take the position. It is easy for Sandberg to manager players in the minors, but I think he would have a hard time managing guys that are getting paid a lot more and are veterans at the game.

Two names that I would like to see as candidates for the Chicago Cubs managerial position are current Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly, and ESPN analyst and former manager Bobby Valentine. Brenly, is a no nonsense type of manager that knows how to play baseball by using the correct fundamentals.  Valentine, on the other hand, is a guy that knows how to handle young guys and also the fundamentals of the game.

As long as it is not Lou Piniella in 2011, the Cubs will be in a better position.