The Boss Finally Speaks


When Tom Ricketts and his family took over the Cubs late last year, I’m sure neither one of them figured that the Cubs would be in the position that they are in heading into the all star break. The vision that they laid out was one of success and being in contention every year, well in “year 1” that is certainly not the case. With that being said, Tom Ricketts took time out to address some concerns regarding the Cubs.  As he talked to Randy Peterson, of the Des Moines Register.

"“The first half of the year has been disappointing for every fan, the Ricketts family included,” he said. “The off-season moves were very strong: Marlon Byrd is our All-Star. Getting him was a good decision, but I don’t think anyone could really have predicted the difficulty we’ve had this year.“I’ve talked to thousands of fans many right here in Des Moines. There’s nothing I can tell them that they don’t know. We’re watching closely how things are going on the field.”"

Where I am from, I am from the belief that instead of talking about the disappointment of the team, the Cubs owner should be acting on it. If you ask me, there is no reason why Lou Piniella should still be the manager of this team. On occasion this season, Piniella would even say that he no longer knew what to do or resolve any of the Cubs issues. That sounds to me like a person that has given up, and no longer has the desire to manage this team. Which is why I believe that Ricketts needs to fire Lou Piniella. It would do better for the team to see that every action has a reaction. With Lou Piniella out of the picture, that could potentially clear way for Ryne Sandberg. Here is what Ricketts had to say about Ryno.

"“He’s wonderful for the organization,” Ricketts said. “A Hall of Famer helping our kids develop for the future — that’s terrific.”"

I don’t think the time has come where anyone should criticize the Ricketts for anything that has gone on this season. Because, as this is their first year, they are observing what they were dealt with, and will probably make changes come this off-season. One thing that does concern me, is that I am not sure whether or not Ricketts has the intelligence from a baseball standpoint. Which is why I think that he needs to re-haul the front office with great baseball minds. Which is why, I would not be surprised if the Cubs hire a Rick Hahn, who is the assistant for the white Sox, or someone that has a Theo Epstein pedigree.  Epstein, is the general manager of the Boston Red Sox.