Carlos Zambrano’s Cubs Career Appears To Be On Life Support


Through the course of Carlos Zambrano’s 10 year career with the Chicago Cubs, the Cubs have been more than willing to look the other way whenever Zambrano would let his emotions get the best of him. However, that does not appear to be the case after the latest dugout tirade, in which he publicly criticized his teammates, and even got in the face of Derrek Lee. Resulting in Zambrano being suspended indefinitely by the Cubs, and possibly ending his Cubs career. As, Gordon Wittenmyer, of the Sun Times, writes that the Cubs maybe at the breaking point with Zambrano. Wittenmyer also suggests that the Cubs should eat the majority of the remaining $45MM left on Zambrano’s contract, and trade him to whatever team is willing to take him.

As much as I hate to say it, Gordon is right with his suggestion of what the Cubs should do. Going back to last year, Zambrano has never been the so called “ace” of the Cubs rotation. Much like Milton Bradley burned his bridges with the Chicago Cubs, Carlos Zambrano is doing the exact same thing this year. Instead of calling out his teammates, Zambrano needs to look in the mirror, because he is the one that is doing most of the damage to not only the team, but to himself as well.

Cubs General Manager is now in an interesting situation, as when he was asked if we would see Zambrano in Cubs uniform again this season, he really did not have an answer, which means he could look for some way to get rid of Zambrano. Bruce Levine, of ESPN Chicago, says that is possible that Hendry may go to owner Tom Ricketts and discuss whether or not to release the disgruntled Zambrano. The Cubs would have to place Zambrano on irrevocable waivers, and then if he clears them, the Cubs would then be on the hook for the remaining portions of Zambrano’s contract. But, they would be ridding themselves of a growing cancer inside their dugout.

I am for whatever way gets Carlos Zambrano out of a Cubs uniform the fastest. It is time we move on from the Big Z era, and go into a new direction.

Aftermath of Zambrano’s Tirade: Unfortunately for reliever Jeff Stevens, Zambrano’s tirade cost Steven’s his spot on the team. As the Cubs could not call up a pitcher for Zambrano due to MLB rules, they had to send down Stevens, and call up pitching prospect Brian Schlitter.