A lot has been mentioned today, regarding the fact that the ..."/> A lot has been mentioned today, regarding the fact that the ..."/>

The 2010 Cubs are Not the 2007 Cubs


A lot has been mentioned today, regarding the fact that the Cubs record through 64 games this year (28-36 before tonight’s game) is the same that it was in 2007 when the Cubs made that incredible turnaround. However, Cubs fans should not think that this team will turn out like the 2007 team, and make a run to get into the playoffs.

The biggest reason is this team is one of the worst fundamental teams in baseball this year. Whether it is on the base paths, hitting, or fielding this team has been fundamentally unsound for the entire season. The Cubs as a team have 47 errors which is tied for 5th most in the majors, they have a fielding percentage of .980 which is the 4th worst in the majors. Offensively the Cubs are below the league averages in on base percentage and slugging percentage, they have collected 201 runs which is the sixth lowest in baseball, and the are one of the worst teams when it comes to hitting with runners in scoring position.

Here are player related reasons why the 2010 Cubs will not turn out like the 2007 Cubs. In 2007, Derrek Lee hit .317/.400/.513 while hitting 22 home runs and driving in 82 runs. In 2010, Lee is hitting .225/.333/.355 with 8 home runs and 27 RBI’s. In 2007, Aramis Ramirez hit .310/.366/.549 while hitting 26 home runs and driving in 101 runs. In 2010, Ramirez is hitting .168/.232/.285 while hitting 5 home runs and driving in 22 runs. The Cubs are only going to be as good as Lee and Ramirez are going to be in the lineup. And, I have seen nothing so far that makes think that either Ramirez or Lee are going to break out of their early season slumps.

In addition to difference in production from Lee and Ramirez, the Cubs also had a very solid bullpen. As the Cubs had a strong a viable set-up man in then rookie Carlos Marmol, who posted a 1.43 ERA in 2007. While Marmol has had success as the closer this year, the Cubs have been doomed by the failures of their eighth inning relievers which included Esmailin Caridad, Jeff Gray, John Grabow, and Carlos Zambrano.

So as much as Cubs fans want to create some mere glimpse of hope and try to salvage this season, lets be realistic, the 2007 Cubs were far superior to the 2010 Cubs. And, I am going to keep saying this till I’m blue in the face, the Cubs should definitely become sellers at this year’s trade deadline. While they have a lot of untradeable contracts, they should at least save what they can by selling off some veterans.

For What it is worth, here is what Jim Hendry had to say about being a buyer or a seller at the trade deadline…

"The baseball trading deadline is six weeks away. Hendry is watching his team carefully hoping that he doesn’t have to be a seller.“We need to start playing good baseball the next two or three weeks,” Hendry said. “If you just have three or four good weeks you can find yourself just three or four games back. You’ve seen it already this year in Atlanta with the way they caught Philadelphia. Things can change fast.”July 1 still appears to be the magic date for Hendry to decide if he’s a buyer or a seller.ESPN CHICAGO"