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Lou admits Stoney was Right


Tyler Colvin has been the center of attention and controversy for the Cubs this past week. As we all know by now, about the war of words that transpired between Cubs manager Lou Piniella, and White Sox broadcaster Steve Stone. And it appears that Steve Stone was right, and Lou Piniella recognizes it.

"“What I said basically was that we’re going to play him more, and we are,” Piniella said.What’s the difference this time?“Look, put it this way, he’s going to play a lot more than he has been,” he said. “We’ve been patient, you know? I said all along that when the time was right we were going to make this type of move, and the time is getting real right.”So right field is Colvin’s now?“Let’s just decipher this,” he said. “We want to see this kid in the lineup more.” CHICAGO BREAKING SPORTS"

In a way Lou Piniella is giving Tyler Colvin the starting right fielders job without actually saying that he is the starting outfielder. By all means, Tyler Colvin should be in the starting lineup on an everyday basis. Because look at the numbers, Colvin in much less time than Fukudome, already has a higher slugging percentage, a higher average, and just about the same on base percentage. Also, Kosuke has proven that he is “Mr.April”, as he performs really well in the opening month, but after that his performance hits a wall and begins to decrease.

The only thing I have a hard time understanding, is what made Piniella change his mind all of a sudden. On Friday, he was pro Fukudome and supported him to be the starter. Now, no less than two days later he hints that Colvin may be on the verge of becoming the starter. Now, I’m not one to speculate, but either Jim Hendry told Lou to start playing Colvin, or Lou took the advice from Steve Stone and decided to play Colvin more.

In other news, look for there to be a live chat tomorrow right here at 2:00PM.