More on Hayden Simpson


Now that we all have time to digest the Cubs first round selection of Division II pitcher Hayden Simpson, I think I will be the first to admit that I may have overreacted to the selection, albeit, it still in my eyes and many others is considered to be a reach. Nonetheless let’s take a look at some of the reaction on other baseball outlets.

Here was what Keith Law had to say about the Cubs Selection…

"The biggest surprise of the draft had to be the Cubs taking college righty Hayden Simpson at #16, who was not considered a first rounder by most draft gurus.  Cubs scouting director Tim Wilken told Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune he had it confirmed that other clubs would’ve taken Simpson before the Cubs picked again at #65.  The Yankees’ selection of high school shortstop Cito Culver at #32 was another surprise. ESPN"

So maybe,  Simpson is a hidden gem that the Cubs wanted to take before other teams had the chance to.

One of the popular comparisons for Hayden Simpson, have those that have linked him to the bull-dog style that Giants star Tim Lincecum and Astro’s ace Roy Oswalt both possess. Here is what Simpson had to say about those comparisons…

"“I see a similarity in that we both use our whole bodies to throw the ball,” Simpson said of Lincecum’s somewhat contorted delivery. “We use everything we have.”“It rivals it a little bit. You don’t have quite the arch,” Wilken said. “He’s pretty supple. He’s got a very fast arm.”Scouts say Simpson has the same bulldog attitude that Oswalt and Lincecum have, too. Cubs Minor League roving pitching instructor Mark Riggins graded Simpson “100 percent” on his delivery. Wilken said one club that had extra picks on the first day of the First-Year Player Draft also was close to taking Simpson. MUSKAT RAMBLINGS"

Given the success that scouting director Tim Wilken has had in the past, I guess it is fair that we at least see what Simpson could do, because as I realized many of the reactions from Cubs fans are similar to when the Cubs drafted Tyler Colvin in 2006, and obviously that is looking like a great pick for the Chicago Cubs.