You’ve Got Mail: Reviewing the Mailboxes


Well, the Cubs certainly are on the upwards track as they have won 7 of their last 9, and are now only 2 games under .500 and 4 games out of the division. So with that being said, let’s review some of the mailboxes from Cubs beat Writers. Among the topics that were discussed this week were Aramis Ramirez, Lou Piniella, Gorzelanny’s future, and the bullpen/rotation.


  • Bruce Feels that as of right now the only candidates to be dropped from the rotation are Randy Wells or Ryan Dempster. I think that Randy Wells will indeed be dropped, considering Dempster is an “innings-eater” when he starts for the Cubs.
  • Bruce believes that it is too hard to answer whether or not Aramis Ramirez will break out of his slump this year. The combination of the thumb injury and slow start are starting to get to Ramirez’s head.
  • Bruce also says that Bob Howry is a late starter, as he does poorly in April and May, but he picks up his velocity and get’s it going again towards the second half of the season.
  • Bruce speculates that if JJ Putz of the White Sox becomes available, then he is sure the Cubs will have some interest in him. If you remember, the Cubs had interest in Putz before he signed with the Sox in December.
  • The Cubs are continuing to look at other teams in hopes of trading for a reliever, however at this point in time it is extremely rare that teams are likely to trade quality relievers.
  • It is unlikely that we will see Andrew Cashner with the Cubs anytime soon in the rotation, however towards the end of the season, pending on how things are going, the Cubs may bring up their top pitching prospect.
  • Another top pitching prospect in Jay Jackson, may get called up soon, as he was recently moved to the bullpen in Iowa. However, the Cubs are hesitant to bring up another young reliever.

Carrie Muskat of

  • So far, the decision to bring up Starlin Castro was a good one. Considering that Castro is producing offensively, and making plays at shortstop that Ryan Theriot would not be able to.
  • Speaking of Castro, there is lots of talk going around that Starlin Castro may soon be in the #2 hole permanently, as the Cubs are 6-0 when Castro hits there.
  • Tyler Colvin is sitting on the bench for an extended period of time due to the main reason that all three outfielders are playing very well right now. Lou Piniella hopes to be able to get Colvin in the lineup more often.
  • Carries thinks that both pitching prospects Jay Jackson and Thomas Diamond will see time with the Cubs this year.

Ask Paul (Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune)

  • Lou Piniella’s decision to leave Ramirez in the #4 and #5 spots in the Cubs spot is not crazy. Paul mentions what Yankee manager Joe Girardi did with Mark Texiera when he left him in #3 spot in the lineup all year so far despite his poor average of .136 in April.
  • Paul Sullivan admits that Lou probably does “baby” some of the stars of the team, but, he is willing to make scapegoats on the team. As, he did last year with Kevin Gregg, Milton Bradley, and Aaron Miles.
  • Sullivan says that it is not a bad idea for the Cubs to place Ramirez on the DL, as they seem to be playing better with him not in the lineup. And, it would give Ramirez some time to clear his head.
  • Sullivan thinks that Gorzelanny would be the best option to move to the bullpen, considering he gets situational strikeouts and he is holding right handed hitters to a .233 average,