Could a Trade be looming?


One of the biggest pieces to come out after the news of Carlos Zambrano getting moved to the bullpen, is that Carlos will be the team’s set up guy until the Cubs trade for or sign a veteran reliever. And Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports speculates that the Cubs could use starter Tom Gorzelanny as part of a deal with a team that is need of a starter and is willing to give up a relief pitcher for him. However, this early in the season you rarely see teams willing to give up a quality reliever. Which means that Carlos Zambrano will be a reliever for the foreseeable future.

However, with that being said, WGN Cubs insider David Kaplan has been dropping tidbits throughout the whole week suggesting that the Cubs are working on a “major trade”. As yesterday, during the Cubs post game show he mentioned that he is hearing from his sources that the Cubs are discussing major trades.

Now is should go without saying that if that is indeed the case, then I’m sure the Cubs would be receiving some much needed relief help. Maybe in the form of Padre’s Closer Heath Bell.

Speaking of Heath Bell, it should go mentioned that the Twins had a deal in place to land Bell back in the off-season, but they eventually pulled the offer over concerns that he may have some character issues.

"The Twins, according to sources, had what they viewed as a workable deal to acquire Padres closer Heath Bell after Joe Nathan was hurt this spring but veered away because they were nervous over character issues. Bell’s outspoken manner at times can grate on teammates. CBS SPORTS"

So I’m not saying that, that may hinder the Cubs interest in Bell, but at the least it is something to keep your eye on.

Roster Move Coming?

  • With Ted Lilly set to come off the disabled list today, the Cubs are going to have send down one of their relief pitchers to make room. And overriding speculation is that is going to be either Jeff Samardzija, Jeff Gray, or possibly James Russell. If it was based on performance, Jeff Samardzija would undoubtedly get the boot.