OMG The Season’s Over…Not Really


Cubs Fans, are some of my favorite people. Now, don’t get me a wrong I am a Cubs Fan, and sometimes I may over-react to something that is not as serious as it may seem. But, I, after one game, do not call it in on the season and say that Cubs are absolutely terrible, and this team is never going to make playoffs, why do we waste our time getting excited over this team?

No, I am not one of the many Cubs fans that have cried one of the previous statements over and over again for the past 24 hours. I mean come on people, It is game 1 of 162,  you cannot sit here on April 6th, second day of the season, and tell me that the Cubs hopes for 2010 are over.

I mean Cubs fans are the perfect cliche… They feel that when they are on the top, it is better than it actually is, and when they are on the bottom it is always worse than it actually is.  But, nonetheless lets take a look at some of the Comments I have seen over the past day, and I will give my reaction to each of them.

So Let the roast of the 2010 Cubs begin…

Also in general, stop suggesting that the Cubs should have a fire sale, and just trade every one of their top stars. Look, yesterday was not a good game, but we should not be going crazy as if this team is never going to win again. Just catch your breath and relax, the Cubs are not as bad as some of their fans are portraying them as.